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Toulouse is the 4th largest city in France and sits beside the river Garrone that flows down from the Pyrenees. This is another city that has a rich history and can boast two UNESCO World Heritage sites, the Canal du Midi and Basilica of St. Sernin. As this is only a one hour drive from Gascous it really is worth a visit.

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Toulouse Festivals and Events


Fete de la Violette - 24th & 25th February


Every year in February, during the flowering season of this highly-perfumed little flower, the Festival de la Violette is organised by Les Amis de la Violette.


The violet is the emblematic flower of Toulouse, and has been cultivated by the market gardeners in the north of the city since the 19th century. Nowadays, “La Violette de Toulouse” is a registered trademark, to be found on a wide variety of products (sweets, perfume, liqueur, etc.) and offers an excellent reason to celebrate as well as to explore Toulouse - the City of Violets!


Festival Flamenco - March


The finest flamenco artists are to converge on Toulouse.

With shows, beginner or advanced classes in the art of flamenco, exhibitions and film shows... whether you are a diehard enthusiast or just curious to share intense emotional experiences, there is something here for everyone.


Toulouse International Art Fetival - May to June


The exhibition route has been refocused on the Garonne basin and involves seven iconic heritage locations in the City which will serve as a setting for the event: the Les Jacobins monastery complex, the Augustins Museum, the Toulouse Higher Institute of Arts and the Hôtel d’Assézat palace on the right bank of the river, and on the left bank, the Water Tower, the Hôtel-Dieu and Les Abattoirs with the Viguerie harbour and the adjoining public areas.


Rio Loco - June


The Rio Loco festival invites a single river of the world to come and mix its waters with those of the Garonne for a week of festive and popular sharing on the banks of the Prairie des Filtres. The open air musical presentations are completed by all the conviviality of a village - with meeting places, exhibitions and tastings.


The programming for this festival is designed to reflect the diversity and creative wealth of the guest country, and is also pluri-artistic (music, cinema, visual arts, photography, etc.).


Les Siestes Electroniques - June to July


Les Siestes Electroniques is a festival devoted to the new sweet and restful music, during which a park in the city centre is host to the best in contemporary music.

Year after year, this festival stimulates the curiosity of the audience and continues to be a uniquely unusual event, festive, pleasant, simple and open, at the same time as uncompromising. Exceptional concerts, club evenings and free musical afternoons thus offer diverse showcases for artists from the four corners of the Earth.


The programme is rich, sometimes exuberant, always effervescent and dares without selfconsciousness to innovatively cross the great divide between musical styles, periods and families


Tangopostale - July


Argentinean tango international festival

It all began with the birth of Carlos Gardel in 1890, the voice that made the tango sing throughout the world. And Toulouse became a tango city forever. Since that day, the number of “tangueros”, experienced, passionate dancers of the Argentinian tango, has risen constantly.


Tangopostale is the name chosen for this festival, which aims to share the Tango as an urban culture from Rio de la Plata, with its folklore, music and customs, through talks, exhibitions, films, workshops, etc.

Tangopostale is also an “abrazo” between “tango” and “aéropostale”. Because we mustn’t forget that it was Aéropostale that created the first service for transporting mail from Toulouse to Buenos Aires just over 80 years ago.


The dances or “milongas” will have Toulouse dancing and give you a chance to share a convivial moment enjoying a popular tango.


Toulouse D'Ete - July to August


The Toulouse Summer Festival turned into the unavoidable Toulouse summer musical meeting place. Combining heritage and creation, it displays a music wandering through the most typical places of interest of the city, but also through its most unusual sites, where some confirmed and ready to become famous artists are sharing the show. From classical to jazz music, with worldwide music in between, rock music or songs, over fifty special events are shown to invent or re-invent the various music.


Piano Aux Jacobins - September


The Cloître des Jacobins is a connection between heaven and earth. Often, the walls in their medieval colours remind us of the passage of time; it is September that brings together the pink of the sun-kissed bricks and the mysterious green of the cypresses sketching vague calligraphies over the rising stars.


In the softly luminescent hours of the concert, Piano aux Jacobins offers a unique alchemy: a place steeped in spirituality and history, bringing together heartfelt emotion and welcoming acoustics.

Imagining these musical encounters, free of cliquishness, presenting today's creators the better to understand the composers of yesterday, enabling many people to rediscover the best of themselves in the fraternal space created by musical exchange - these are the perspectives of Piano aux Jacobins.


Toulouse Les Orgues - October


Toulouse is the organ capital of Europe and there are plenty of good reasons for this. It is not by chance that this event has been brought to life by the people - and the organs - of Toulouse.
The city has a rich and varied organ heritage, including many different styles of instruments from all periods of history. The exceptional number of organs in the city (30, 9 of which are classified historical monuments) and the surrounding region (370) mean that all kinds of music can be played.


Christmas Market - December

The Christmas market is held in December, at the famous Place du Capitole, the very heart of Toulouse. Chalets will provide visitors young and old with a feast for the eyes and taste-buds. With original gift ideas from local woodcrafts to regional specialities (foie gras, preserves, cakes, etc.), but also toys, pottery, jewellery, candles, clothing and leather goods, there’s definitely something for everyone.


While browsing the stalls, visitors can sample traditional grilled chestnuts, accompanied by a warm drink or stop for a mulled wine at one of the “chalet-bars” while admiring the twinkling decorations and illuminations of this wonderful site.


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